A small vendor, selling coconuts in a hand cart, was travelling to reach a temple under the foothills of small mountain. On the way, he enquired a passerby how long will it take to reach the temple. 

The passerby replied, it will take 30 minutes if you go slow and 3 hours if you go fast. The vendor was puzzled and could not understand. However he thought if one can reach in 30 minutes, by going slow, he should be able reach sooner if he goes faster. 

So he moved towards the temple faster. But he did not know that the road ahead was bumpy with lot of potholes and it was difficult to even walk. In the speed at which he came, the cart toppled, the coconuts fell down and went in different direction. Some went as far away as one can see. He stopped the cart, brought it upright, collected all the coconuts and finally reached the temple in six hours. 
He realised that he should have listened to the passerby. 
That is precisely the difference between investing and trading. What you could have made with patience by investing, you may or may not get to earn while trading. With lot of volatility, you lose in some trades and work with tension to recover the losses. 
Take the case of south Indian bank. After rights were announced in Feb the share fell to 20 and gave plenty of opportunities to buy and sell and you would have made easily 10 to 15% in every trade.. However after every quarterly result, it fell and as a trader you would lost money. 

But as an investor if you had kept quiet, at Rs 32, you would have made 60% in 8 months.
So trading is attractive but destructive. Investing is boring but rewarding. 

Your destiny is decided by your decisions.

Happy Investing !


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