It is common to have all kind of debts: mortgage, car loan, personal loan, credit card loan and consumer durables loan. Most part of the working life goes in servicing the loans. All the hard work goes towards making banks and their shareholders rich. Always keep slogging for money. Have no control over time.

It is rare to be debt free, financially independent, making money work for us and have time under our control.
It is common to be impulsive, impatient, think only short term, wanting instant gratification, panic during bear markets, chase fads in bull markets, keep swaying to headlines & nonstop noise from media and fail to build wealth.

It is rare to be patient, control fear and greed, have long term outlook, ignore short term bumps, ignore noisy media, stay the course and build sizeable wealth.

Always, 99% would be common and 1% would be rare.

Our learning and sharing is to ensure our clients, friends and family belong to this precious 1%.

Our blog are read by many people across the globe. If our sharing helps them too, we would be extremely happy.

I know how difficult it is to control one’s behaviour. I’ve learnt this from my own experience and keep seeing how most of the investors fail on this front.

We are aware that only 1% can be in 1%.

We are ambitious to see if those of you who are in our circle of influence can belong to this tiny minority.

As an advisor, I owe this to you.

We would continue to assist your financial journey so that you can always be the rare 1%.

All the best. Happy Investing !


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