Millions of Indians refrain from investing in Equities because of volatility in the markets. Well, it’s in inherent nature of the stock markets in the short term but over long periods like 8-10 years markets are slaves of the earnings of the underlying equity holding companies. 

To be very honest, you do not have a choice but to invest in Equities and that too preferably via Mutual Funds with discipline and patience. Very few of us have time and competence to invest  directly in stocks. Equities have beaten all other asset classes comfortably over long term and will continue to do so. 

If Volatility is scary; not having enough money for retirement is going to be a catastrophe for you!!! Don’t get scared by the stock markets, set your financial goal, if it is a decade away, start investing systematically in equity mutual funds now.  

“In the short term, stock markets are like voting machine, but in the long term they are like weighing machine.”               

– Benjamin Graham

After the quote from the father of value investing, I have nothing to add my dear readers. Happy Investing !!!

Best Wishes.


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