Day before yesterday, Pakistan beat India comprehensively to win the Champions Trophy at Kensington Oval, London. Let’s give credit where it is due. They outplayed us in all the departments and really deserved to win. However, I just wanted to kindly bring to your knowledge that India beat Pakistan 7-1 in the world cup Hockey at London. India’s ace badminton player Kidambi Shrikanth went on to win the prestigious Indonesian Open tournament. All these happened on Sunday. 

We lost in some but we were more than compensated by the gains in others. In investing too we can’t put all our eggs in one basket. Asset allocation is designed according to our needs and risk appetite which ensures adequate diversification. That’s really the key as all asset classes Equity & Fixed Income don’t move in the similar fashion. We need a combination of them. 

So dear readers, don’t mourn about day before yesterday’s loss in the Champions Trophy Final. India is not about cricket now. We have world class sportsmen and sportswomen who represent India in Tennis, Badminton, Wrestling, Athletics, Hockey, Chess apart from Cricket. Let’s cheer for everyone then. 

Have a great week ahead. 

Happy Investing !!



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