I’m sharing quotes of Morgan Housel frequently. Yesterday too I’ve shared a quote from Morgan Housel. For the benefit of those who don’t know; Morgan Housel is one of the most successful and celebrated writers on personal finance.

“One of the biggest ironies of the last 100 years is that while we are living longer, we are thinking shorter.”               -Morgan Housel

What a brilliant observation Mr. Housel. I couldn’t agree more. We practice instant gratification almost everywhere and want everything now or never. Most of us will not think twice before buying an expensive car or jewellery or smartphone on EMI instead of delaying our purchase, saving, investing and then buying without taking loans. Retirement planning which should ideally start with first pay cheque is not a priority for us. 

Guys !! wake up !. We are facing 30:30 challenge. Earlier people used to work for 35-40 years and die invariably within 5-10 years of retirement. Hence their retirement corpus was sufficient enough to take care of them post retirement. Now our working life is getting shorter to 25-30 years and we are living post retirement for 25-30 years. Are you sure your retirement corpus will outlive you??? Or do you want to depend on your children for your post retirement expenses??? Yes, our children are well behaved, well cultured but then there are stories like “BAGHBAN” too. Why take a chance???

My country is independent, so should I and my family. Independence is Pride, independence is dignity. If you have not started planning for your retirement yet, today is the best time. 

Now is the best time.                                        Happy Investing !!


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