Last week Narendra Modi government has completed 3 years in office. Stock markets are responding to Namo Govt’s anniversary by recording fresh highs. Many people are feeling left out in this rally and are now desperate to put in their money. 

Investing at current levels is not an issue at all if your goals are 8-10 years away, you are willing to stay invested with discipline, faith and patience. However, most of us are greedy and want to make quick money. We fall for instant gratification and want everything now. Remember, PepsiCo and Maggie Noodles advertisements, “It’s now or never” and “2 minute mein Taiyyar”…. However, such attitude is dangerous if you are a long term investor. Real investing is not at all exciting, it is plain boring.

So when people ask outrageous questions like, “Which are the best stocks/funds to invest for a 1 year or 2 years term?”, I find myself dumbfounded. Some questions deserve unexpected answers. For everything else there is GOOGLE. 

“Investing is not a 100 metres race. It is a marathon. If you want to finish the race strongly, you should not try to go faster; you in fact should slow down.” – Jason Zweig

Happy Investing !!


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