What’s your relationship with money?

Whenever I read about people who have amassed wealth the one thing that is strikingly similar is their relationship with money. They spend on their real needs. The fact of the matter is money is the means not the final solution for everything. One needs to be happy and enjoy. There is no point being the richest man in the graveyard.

That doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to create wealth (mind you I am using the word wealth). My desire to create good wealth should be from the bottom of the heart, a clean and pure thought. Wealth generated through illegal means does not last. Many consider Wealth as God’s Blessings. If the wealth is given by God it will last forever.

 When your intention and efforts are right to earn legal & good Wealth, the universe will transpire to ensure that it happens. 

For a different thought: 

Some billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet have pledged to donate their wealth for worthy causes. Closer to our Tatas, Premji are illustrious examples.

Let the positivity compound!!

Happy Investing !


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