Two well known emotions that affect our financial health are Greed and Fear. Greed leads us to take undue risks and fear makes us panicky and indecisive. In addition to these two anomalies there is fear of numbers also referred to as Financial Phobia which can cause financial misery. 

Most of us have a misconception that we can’t comprehend numbers, finance is complex and only experts can understand it. Talking about money is considered taboo and makes us anxious and uncomfortable. 

Therefore we tend to procrastinate our financial decisions by delaying them unnecessarily. We need to overcome this fear of numbers by getting ourselves educated. 

1. Make it a point to learn about investing and become an informed and empowered investor. 

2. You need not be an expert as long as you understand the basics.

3. You can learn and enjoy number games like Sudoku. This will help you to start loving numbers. 

We must become financially literate, there is no alternative to it. Hence, join the exciting world of numbers and finance by breaking that mental barrier. 

Happy Investing !!


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