My try here is to share with you the article from yesterday’s ET and also the snippets from Nick Murray’s super famous book “SIMPLE WEALTH INEVITABLE WEALTH”. I want to let you know that media is not your well-wisher. They would make Investment look like a casino game which will only harm you in long run. 

Yesterday’s ET
Snippets from the above said book

Why media does not talk of future returns from recommended scheme rather than talking of past returns. Anyone can do that.. it is nowhere an intelligent guess. 

Stick to your goals and be ready to face ups and down of market. 

We can’t avoid the fluctuations in the market and the more you try to avoid it, the worse it be for your long term wealth creation. 

If you are in Kitchen, don’t be afraid of heat. Face the fear rather than running away from it. Ups and down of markets are part and parcel of investment success. 

As I always remind you , Stay the course !


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