Anything small held close to our eyes seems big compared to a bigger thing at a distance. Similarly, in investing the future possibility of wealth creation is always underestimated. 

Take this example of doubling our holdings. If you have a lakh today with a possibility to become 2 lakhs some time later our perception holds us back on the decision and we end up spending. But if the same amount were to be 100 crores and it was to become 200 crores in the same time.

Has the return percentage changed??? No. Yet our perception changes. We sit up and take notice. Why???

One needs to break the auto process working within your primal brain and take time to focus on the decision to arrive at a logical solution. Once you stop giving into your temptations of frequently dipping or breaking into your long term investments, you give compounding a chance to work miracles for you. 

As you already know, Albert Einstein himself accepted compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world!!!! 

Happy Investing !!


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