Our urbanites suffer from cedentary lifestyle. Most of us overindulge in food and debt resulting in physical and financial obesity. Excessive fat and debt are bad for our physical and financial health respectively. Extra fat in your body saps your energy and make you feel tired too soon. The risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases increases manifold. 

Extra debt adds to your liabilities and drains your net worth. Any financial emergency and shock makes you vulnerable. 

While there is fair awareness about being physically fit by doing dieting, swimming, jogging, yoga, gym etc. people don’t appreciate the importance of financial health. Debt slimming can be done by rebalancing, refinancing, budgeting, financial planning etc. Body mass index, haemoglobin are some indicators to check our physical health. Likewise, we have solvency ratio, debt to income ratio to check our financial health. 

We must ensure our physical and financial fitness to lead a life full of love. 

Happy Week End ! Happy Investing !!


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