Budget day it is. Media frenzy has reached new extremes. Different channels have given names like ‘Make or break budget’, ‘Pathbreaking’ and what not. However, we as long term investors must appreciate that one union budget won’t change anything dramatically. Our Goals, Financial Plan cannot be based on an event like budget. What we can do is not to get excited and focus on following checklist which will ensure investment wisdom.

1. I will not let my hard earned money sit in the savings account. I will use the advantage of liquid schemes. 

2. I will keep my stock and mutual fund portfolio clean. I will not buy or sell on impulse. 

3. I will increase my SIP every year as my income goes up.

4. I will keep my investments and insurance separate. I understand insurance cum investment products neither provide sufficient insurance nor good returns. 

5. I will choose growth option over dividend. Growth scheme helps to compound returns. Dividend is treated as easy returns and are likely to be spent by the investor. 

6. I will keep on reviewing my life and health insurance needs according to my lifestyle. 

7. I will ensure that all my financial accounts have nomination in place. 

8. I will write a will and keep on making changes to it every year as my net worth changes. 

9. I will educate my near and dear ones about handling investments. 

So are you ready to adopt this checklist??? Please ignore the market frenzy on the budget day and focus on the big picture. Perhaps it is wise to draw your own budget and stick with it. It may prove more beneficial in the long term.

Happy Investing !!


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