I have time and again shared with you the importance of reading to be successful in investing. I myself try to read as much as possible and believe me I have no regrets as I have grown as an individual and as an investor. Benjamin Franklin was right when he said Knowledge pays the best interest. I attended a training somedays back and came to some conclusions as an 

Investor’s Manifesto:

1. I am an investor. I am not a speculator. 

2. It’s not how much money I make that matters but how much money I keep, how hard it works and how many years I let it work. 

3. I am not as brave as my broker thinks I am. Return of Capital is more important to me than Return on Capital. 

4. Patience is a virtue for me. I resist the natural human basis to act. 

5. I know what I own and I know why I own it. 

6. My goal as an investor is not to be next Warren Buffett but to become a more authentic version of myself.

7. For me there is no such thing as getting rich quick. 

8. I know if I keep at hard work and honesty, I will get almost anything in life. Investing isn’t different. 

9. I understand that knowing what I don’t know is more useful than being brilliant. 

10. I know leverage when combined with stock market volatility equals dynamite. Thus I keep myself far away from it. 

11. I remember that the most dangerous words in Investing is, “This time it’s different.”

12. I know that in Investing, I only have to do few things right so long as I do not do too many things wrong.

13. I can’t live long enough to make all the mistakes myself hence I must learn from mistakes committed by others. 

14. Humility and courage are my greatest assets as an investor. I must not lose them. 

15. I know that to make money in equity I must have vision to see them, courage to buy them and patience to hold them. 

16. I try to keep my head when others are losing theirs. Successful Investing for me is 99% temperament and 1% intelligence. 

And last but not the least,



Happy Investing !!


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