If only money would have made more money then we would not have had countless Rags to Riches stories. If only special talent makes money then we would not have witnessed many average individuals turning millionaires and billionaires. 

If location was important to make money then people from poor and rich countries would not have been successful simultaneously. 

If job, business or vocation is crucial to make money then why only handful people succeed in what they choose to do. 

Following are common habits that make one poor. 

1. Save your money in fixed deposits for long term.

2. Mix insurance and Investments.

3. Pay only minimum balance due on credit cards.

4. Buy top end phones, cars, gadgets, clothes, jewellery and any item only to show off. 

(Remember, If any of the said items are necessary for your business success you must buy it.)

5. Live your life on credit and have a monthly affair with EMIs.

6. Eat out as often and at expensive places. 

I have seen people with very modest background create enormous wealth due to sheer discipline and commitment towards their financial goals. You too can become rich. It’s possible. 

Remember Wealth cannot be earned, Wealth can only be created. 


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