SIP: “Small Is Powerful”

Most often than not we don’t appreciate the value of small things in our life. Small pleasures, small get-togethers, small conversations etc. Likewise in the investment world don’t laugh at 1000 or 2000 per month SIPs i.e. Systematic Investment Plans. What difference does it make by Investing Rs. 1000 p.m. is often the counter question. Well, either such people don’t understand the power of compounding over long term or they are just too boastful and obsessive about big things in life at large.

I know daily wagers, peons, drivers who have started with SIPs of Rs. 500 p.m. 5-6 years ago and now have gradually increasing their monthly investments as their income levels have gone up. They have also understood the magic of Investing Systematically. First they are able to save with purpose and have tremendous patience and faith in their Advisor. I am sure such people are going to retire rich. 

Sachin Tendulkar made his debut at the tender age of 16 and had to face mighty Imran Khan and fiery duo Wasim Akram and Waquar Younis in his first test match. Imran even joked, “What’s this Kid doing here???” Sachin was badly hit by a deadly bouncer from Waquar and he fell down with bloody nose. K. Srikanth who was at the non striker’s end was worried but Sachin decided to continue his innings and rest as they say is history. Maharaja Shivaji  fought and won the first fort when he was 15. We must appreciate that Small can be Powerful and beautiful. 

Systematic Monthly Investments even if SMALL go on to create enormous wealth. The sooner one understands this the better. Remember Wealth cannot be earned, Wealth has to be created. 

Happy Wealth Creation.


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