First and foremost let me wish each one of you a very happy, healthy and wealthy 2017. My prayer for the new year is to seek restoration of goodwill, embrace humanity and challenge the intolerance.  Years back, I started writing with an objective of empowering my readers and make them safe and smart about money management. I believe I am on the right path and slowly and steadily I am able to bring meaningful transformation in financial lives. 

Successful Investing is about controlling the controllable. I, you or anybody else cannot control the market but we all can control how we respond. The first step of becoming better investor is to set reachable and realistic financial goals. The stock market won’t provide high returns just because you need them. 

The second step is to recognise that investing is not a game, a sport, a battle; it is an endurance contest testing your resilience and patience. As Benjamin Graham rightly propounded, “Investor’s biggest enemy is most often the Investor himself.” Therefore self control over your emotions is most often the biggest determinant in your journey towards wealth creation through stock market. 

I will sum up by enumerating some lessons I learned over the years.

1. Learn to challenge assumptions.            2. Life is fragile and precious.                       3. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.                   4. Anything is possible.

Cheers 😃 !!!


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