New year is round the corner. Plans have already started or even been finalised to welcome 2017 with new energy, vigour and happiness. Let’s all be a bit old fashioned and believe in getting up early and welcome the new year Sun rising from the east. However, this post is about new year resolutions that one can make and mind you, this is universally infinite. You can keep this list handy for next hundreds of years.

So presenting new year resolutions:

1. I will spend at least one hour in a month to learn something new about my personal finances and add to my knowledge base. 

2. I will only buy a reasonable property as per my needs with an adequate budget and comfortable EMI payout.

3. I will never buy Money back, Endowment or ULIP insurance policies as they don’t cover me with appropriate insurance. Nor will I buy Pension or Annuity plans as they give inadequate and/or negative returns post tax and inflation. 

4. I will never buy directly into stocks unless I have knowledge and understanding of valuations, industry etc. I will choose Systematic Investment Plans of Mutual Funds to invest into equities based on my financial goals.

5. I will never buy physical gold or jewellery as an investment. 

6. I will never borrow to buy luxurious goods and for expensive purchases. 

7. I will repay my credit card dues in full before the due date.

8. I will not copy anyone as my financial plan & investments are unique. 

9. I will not fall pray to the false promises of super normal returns. I will not become a victim of fraudsters. 

10. I will keep my emotions in check while investing and won’t take any decisions abruptly.

11. Last but not the least, I will engage a financial advisor like yours truly(😃😃).

Are you willing to take these resolutions? I bet you will prosper and become wealthy if you practice what has been written above.

Wishing you all a Joyful Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. 


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