Some years back, I conducted an investor awareness programme for about 70 prospective investors at Kollam district of Kerala. In the question answer session post my presentation one of the seniormost participant asked me a following question, “Dear Sam after listening to your thoughts, I am convinced equities cannot be ignored to earn tax free inflation adjusted returns over a long term. But I am already 48. Do you think I can still allocate my income towards equities?” This was a very fair question and the person seemed to be pretty sincere and honest about the scheme of things. I replied to him rather happily, “Dear Sir, you have reached the current position with your dedication, discipline and hard work. And you are going to work for another good 12 years till your retirement. Part time teaching or consultancy may be on your mind post retirement. To cut the long story short, you earn well, you are saving good part of your income, you have more than decade of active service left, you can earn handsomely post retirement too because of your skills and knowledge; what else you want?” 

I was able to convince this gentleman to have a meeting with his family to discuss money priorities, goals and to start investing systematically in a diversified equity mutual fund. Most of the family’s net worth was into real estate, gold and bank fixed deposits and this person was falling into the highest tax bracket. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, your best days are not behind you:

1. James Sinegal founded Costco at the age of 47,

2. Gordon Bowker co-founded Starbucks at 51,

3. Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s at 52,

4. Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche at 56,

5. Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart at 44,

6. Martha Stewart founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia at 56,

7. Charles Flint founded IBM at 61,

8. Harland Sanders founded KFC at 62,

9. Arianna Huffington founded Huffington Post at 55.

The idea you are thinking about, the dream you believe in; it’s time to move forward and reach your destiny. 


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