I would rather say why we have so few investors when compared to the entire population? By investing money we don’t become investors. A right attitude is needed for being a good investor. Attitude coupled with the knowledge of what investing entails.

Most people love “guaranteed returns”.

The word “guarantee” is the enemy of investing. Till such time one seeks guarantee forget about growing wealthy.

Nobody can expect to grow wealthy by investing all their money in Fixed deposits.

The pre-requisite for creating wealth is the ability to face uncertainty before you can expect results.

Otherwise it is like First, let my boss treat me well, and then I will try to have a good attitude towards him. Rather it should be I’ll display such super attitude towards my boss that he is bound to treat me well.

Remember we won’t get sprouts before planting the seeds.

First we have to plant the seeds, have a bit of patience, and we will definitely get the sprouts of success.

Having knowledge is important, having the conviction is important. But above all having the right attitude towards investing is most crucial.


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