❓When you join your job, do you ever ask your boss for guarantee.

❓When you undergo surgery, do you ask your doctor for guarantee

❓When you take a flight, do you ask your airline for guarantee

❓When you go to a restaurant, do you ask the chef for guarantee

❓When you buy a flat; do you ask the builder for guarantee (earthquake n fire)

❓When your child get admission in college, do you ask the trustee for guarantee of degree

❓When you buy your car, phone etc you accept limited and conditional warranty not guarantee

✅Then when you invest in equities, why do you ask for guarantee

❎When your life journey has no guarantee

❎When your road or air journey has no guarantee

✅Then why should you expect guarantee in your investment journey.

By investing in equities for long term you are into unimaginable wealth creation.

Happy investing !


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