ANOTHER 3.5 Years:-

As with any major event, there is lot of noise around Bihar elections.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a sympathiser of any particular political party.

My voting pattern has varied from election to election.

I personally feel that our prime minister is doing a good job.

There is a government which is really working and an administration focused on delivering.

According to FT data service, in the first half of 2015, India has become the number one FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) destination in the world.

According to World Economic Forum, in global competitive ranking, we have moved 16 places from 71 to occupy the 55th position.

We’ve moved up few ranks in ease of doing business in India.

Subsidies have been greatly reduced (thanks to falling crude prices as well) and direct benefit transfer is a superb move to reduce leakages.

Fiscal and current account situation have improved vastly during last one year.

Investment cycle in the infrastructure space has been kicked off.

Millions of bank accounts for the poorest of the poor have been opened in last 18 months; something which we were unable to do even in last few decades.

Stalled projects are reducing and government machinery is moving.

Coal and spectrum auction was done very well in a transparent manner.

Five year road map has been evolved for Railways and the department under Suresh Prabhu is really doing well.

Cleanliness, construction of toilets- very critical but often ignored things got focus from the highest office of the land.

Labour reforms; which was never attempted before has started getting the focus of this government.

Around 20 kilometres of roads are being laid every day.

During the din of Bihar elections, crucial power sector reforms announced last week has not been sufficiently covered by media.

Roads, Railways, power, spectrum, coal, shipping- all moving in transparent and right direction.

This government has another 3.5 years to go.

We would start seeing results on the ground in next couple of years.

I’m confident that India of 2019 would be much better than what it was in 2014.

I’m always bullish on the future of India irrespective of the party in power.

It is just that our prime minister has increased that bullishness.

Wishing you and everyone in the family a very happy Festive season.


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