Wealth SIP is investing your money regularly (monthly) in equity funds.
Health SIP is investing your time regularly (daily) for doing exercise.

During my college days I made myself present regularly in the college gym. 

Because of my health condition and low fitness level, my gym seniors were mentoring me to progress slowly and steadily.

First 3 months was focused solely on lot of stretches and muscles strengthening. The seniors didn’t allow me to enter the gym during the first 3 months. They told me to go for ground exercises.

The focus for next 3 months was on cardio and weight training.

I’d started first step in cardio; jogging for 15 minutes a day and then towards weight training.

After the first 3 months , I’m allowed to enter inside the gym. First 2 days would be for upper body exercises, next 2 days would be for abdominal exercises and the last 2 days would be for lower body exercises.

More than anything, my confidence level about fitness had increased a lot. I was confident of achieving super fitness in the first year itself. This was significant as I started from a very sub-normal level.

I saw many practitioners who were juniors, seniors to me, come and exercise regularly every day. Many from the Institute participate in sports & games of all sorts.

From nothing , I developed myself into the gym’s captain level with an attractive physique which everybody look at me a second time. A lot of my friends are among you who remember all these.

Now too, I continue to exercise , very systematically. Even at this time I have a mentor for my exercise class , with whom I take expert advise. I found myself in good health since my college days and it’s still continuing without any illness except normal fever by God’s grace.

I’ve told you earlier that if God gives me life, I want to practice as a personal financial consultant till the age of 70. I would like to exercise daily, well into my seventies. My mentor told me that it is doable and I want to do it.

The idea of writing in detail about my practice is to underscore the importance I’m giving for health and fitness.

I’ve a request for you. If you are not in a position to do anything else, at least walk every day for 30 minutes. As you invest your money monthly for building wealth, start investing your time daily for building health.

Wealth and health building should go hand in hand. If someone like me who used to gasp for breath while climbing stairs during the age of 18 could be selected into the Institute’s cricket team in the third & final years , how much someone who is already fit can accomplish?

Anybody at their 40s or 50s can simply plan for even marathons if they are running one hour everyday for a year.  

In our country, as much as we ignore equity, we ignore exercise as well. As equity is indispensable for building wealth; exercise is must for building health and staying fit.

You’re all doing wealth SIP.

I strongly urge you to start health SIP as well.


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