Few years ago, some of you wanted to stop your SIPs or exit mutual funds completely. You were frustrated with lack of results in your portfolio. We counselled you with various examples and data; the need to stay the course. You are now reaping the benefits of the same.

Through our periodical writing, daily sms etc. we keep reinforcing the value of long term orientation, patience and discipline. Many of you have told me that these serve us good pointers to continue the journey with focus and discipline.

We don’t let you chase hot funds or recent performers, invest in the current sectoral or thematic fads; but completely stay focussed on the chosen portfolio. This ensures that you avoid typical mistakes people make in a bull market.

You are aware how many mistakes you’ve avoided in your personal finance by listening to us. These mistakes, if done, would have had huge financial and emotional costs. We add significant value to you by ensuring you don’t do things which can hurt you.

You’ve understood and internalised the power of compounding, time and equity. This has ensured that you’re in the path to achieve financial independence and create huge wealth. Some of you have already achieved financial independence by under taking the journey with us for last many years.

By making you to focus on SIPs for decades of your working life, we’ve eliminated completely the need of timing the market. Not only that the beauty of SIP is that, you buy more in bear markets and buy less in bull markets. This is against the crowd behaviour of buying more in bull markets and selling in bear markets. This has ensured you would end up in the small percentage of successful investors.

One key learning all of you have now is that all asset classes are cyclical. There is no such thing as permanent bull market in any asset class. What is important is that after adjusting for inflation, which asset class delivers better return over long run.

None of you invest for 3 or 5 years. The bare minimum tenure you have is 10 years and many of you are fine with 20 years or more. Some of you have even accepted the concept of multi-generational savings and investing. You don’t know how rare this trait is. Since most of you are first time investors and got exposed only to our philosophy and views; you’ve accepted this as a standard view. The unfortunate truth is most of the investors are not lucky to get this right view even after decades.

One’s you choose the path; we do our best repeatedly to ensure that you stay the course without any digressions. ‘Doing nothing’ is most powerful after a right path and investments are chosen. Most investors keep tinkering with their investments and move away from the path carried away by greed or fear. Ensuring that you do nothing with the chosen path and investment is one of our key jobs.

Shaping the behaviour, acting as a coach and hand holding during tough times are some of the things we always do for you.The mentor ship investment consultants offers is very important for achieving financial independence.

You may wonder why I’m writing all these. I’m aware that you see value in what we do and that is why you chosen to be with us. Our blog is now read by thousands of investors and hundreds of advisors. I want this message to reach them so that these investors find right advisors and stick with them. For advisors, this would serve as a positive reinforcement on the value they bring to the table.

I take this opportunity to thank you for being our clients and want to reaffirm you that we would continue to add value to you as we always do.


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